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Border Collie

These famous frisbee fetchers are tireless agility champions. Border Collies are willing to please and always maintain an intense, watchful eye for any command they can happily answer. Their enthusiasm and intelligence at work on the farm or an agility course is truly breathtaking. Border Collies love plenty of action which makes them the ideal dog for farmers and large families with big backyards.

Border Collie


These beautifully balanced, medium-sized dogs are athletic, stylish and agile movers. Soundly built and strong, Border Collies stand around half a metre high at the shoulder and weigh between 13 and 20 kgs. There are two coat varieties: rough and smooth that can come in just about any colour and pattern including solid, bicolor, tricolor and merle.

Loving them back

Border Collies are super smart and need a up to two hours of activity a day in order to prevent bad habits. These behavioral problems can be a challenge so apartment living won't do for this breed. Separation anxiety is also common and when they are bored and alone for too long they will chew, bark, howl and dig. So give them plenty of love, quality time, and a home  or farm with lots of room to run, play catch, work, and have fun with your active best friend.