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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds are valued for their tenacity, intelligence, loyalty and focus. That's why they make great guard dogs, protectors and of course outstanding, loving family companions. German Shepherds have an umistakably intense and fearless expression, confident presence and an indiscriminate aloofness toward strangers. But once you've been befriended, their undying devotion lasts a lifetime.

German Shepherd Dog


The German Shepherd has a double coat that can vary from long to medium-length and can be either straight wavy or wiry. Variations in colours and patterns also exist and include black, black and cream, black and red, black and silver, black and tan, blue, bray, liver, sable, or white. Males stand around 0.6 metres at the shoulder with females only slightly shorter, and both have an average weight range of 22 - 32 kgs.

Loving them back

This energetic and large breed has a charmingly even disposition that makes them great company to anyone who gives them quality time. They are inquisitive and bold and love nothing more than an adventurous outing. Daily exercise doesn't have to be extreme but they certainly don't like being left in confined spaces on their own for long periods of time. They befriend children happily and enjoy being with their family.