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Golden Retriever

There's much to love about this classic family companion. Golden Retrievers tick all the right boxes for obedience, playfulness, intelligence, composure, affection for kids, and kindness to strangers. Due to their genuine love of people, they are great on watch but less effective on guard. A keen willingness to please makes them winners at obedience classes and champions of competitive sports.

Golden Retriever


A Golden Retriever's thick, water-repellent double coat can be straight or wavy, and feathering occurs on the back of the front legs, underbody, chest, back of thighs and tail. Shades of gold range from light to dark and as the dog ages the coat may become lighter or darker, and the face and body may whiten. Males and females reach heights of roughly 0.57 to 0.6 metres and weigh between 27 to 31kgs.

Loving them back

No other dog adores people and thrives on companionship like a Golden Retriever. They need human contact and are best suited for large, active families. Regular exercise is required but can be met with a couple of daily walks or a game of fetch in the backyard. Outdoor activities with their favourite people include walking, running, hiking, biking, swimming or playing chase with kids. They are naturally even tempered and at their most content when able to move around freely without feeling confined.