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Jack Russel Terrier

With a big dog attitude in a little dog’s body, Jack Russell Terriers are a true pocket rocket. They are extremely smart, loyal and love to be the boss. Add feisty, active and adventurous into the equation and you can see why you'll need a secure fence to keep them safe. Plenty of game playing and exercise will keep this fun-loving friend happy. In return, you'll be amused by your little friend's bold and funny antics.

Jack Russel Terrier


Jack Russell Terriers are approximately 25-38 cm tall, and weigh between 6-8 kg. They have short white fur with black or brown patches. You can expect to enjoy at least 13-14 fun-loving years with this popular breed.

Loving them back

Jack Russells don’t need a lot of fuss. They just want a tasty bowl of dog food and lot of active fun. At a minimum, they need 30 minutes of exercise each day in an open space where they can run and play freely - just be prepared for a really fast and tireless game of fetch.