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If you choose a Pug to be your special friend, you'll truly appreciate their warm and winsome personality. They are naturally well tempered, intelligent and playful, but they can also be mischievous and become bored quite easily unless challenged. Pugs get along famously with everyone but will show jealousy if they feel left out. You can always rely on a Pug for their loyal and affectionate character.



Most Pugs are around 25-27 cm in height, and usually weigh in at around 5-8 kg. You can typically expect to enjoy a happy friendship of 13 or 14 precious years with a Pug.

Loving them back

Brushing your Pug's fur at least twice a week and washing them as required is a great way to declare your love. Regularly checking their muzzle and eyes to ensure they're dirt-free is also a good idea. Daily exercise is required plus lots of nutritious dog food for energy but be aware that Pugs are sensitive to extreme weather which can affect their breathing.